TIW is increasing its popularity in Europe

In December two well-known media companies presented TIW to their readers The most authoritative business publications moneycab.com and itreseller.ch told their readers about three big bosses of the company Alexander Konovalov – CEO of the Swiss branch of TIW, founder and CEO of the international parent company TIW. Alexander has a degree in entrepreneurship and innovative management at the University of California, Berkeley, and received an Executive MBA from the International Institute of Management MIM in Kiev. Swiss experts say about Alexander: "As a visionary of future-oriented technologies, he will be primarily responsible for the technical development of new products and the control of the development teams." Swiss partner of TIW - Eugen von Rubinberg, well-known entrepreneur, CEO and chairman of the board of the investment company Rubinberg. The publications mention that “at the age of 16, Eugene started his own business, built up an import trading company and learned about corporate finance ... In TIW AG, he took the role of CIO, thus working on the business development and strategic investment decisions at the interface between development and marketing. " Herman De Jong – CFO of TIW. De Jong is a long-standing international financial manager. Most recently, he was consultant of an independent company and previously worked in various positions multinational companies and family businesses, including Kunert, Schüco International, Wintershall and Basf. Most recently, as a freelance consultant, the qualified financial manager has over 20 years of experience as a CEO and CFO in international companies and family-owned companies, including Kunert, Schüco International, Wintershall AG and BASF. The graduate in economics with a degree from the University of Münster in Business Administration & Economics has extensive experience in the entire business spectrum and is an expert in the fields of M & A as well as start-up financing in the technology field.




One of the most important area of TIW’s work is R&D (Research & Development). TIW has plans of reinvestment of bulk of its profit in R&D. this may not always be obvious but almost every TIW-made product includes results of R&D activities.


Innovation company TIW invests all the potential of its team and partners into its products in order to reach the synergy of results.

Social Function

Truly believing in absolute result of each innovative project of the company, TIW actively implements and publicly discloses possibilities of solving various social tasks by means of existing products.