Swiss experts think highly of TIW projects

Analytical materials of the Swiss ITRESELLER "Through the partnership with TIW, Rubinberg brings an Eastern European innovation forge to Switzerland with a focus on apps" - respected Swiss media resource writes about a new stage of development of TIW AG. ITRESELLER offers news, analyzes and studies for the Swiss IT and CE channel. Speaking about the investment and technological features of TIW AG, ITRESELLER quotes CIO, Eugen Rubinberg: "We are proud of our partner's pioneering spirit, whose applications have already received very positive feedback at the development stage ... All the apps we launch in Switzerland have already been tested in submarkets and with selected user groups. The innovative technologies have a considerable Wow-Effect and combine unique user benefits with a high degree of user-friendliness, which means that TIW Switzerland has great potential for growth"




One of the most important area of TIW’s work is R&D (Research & Development). TIW has plans of reinvestment of bulk of its profit in R&D. this may not always be obvious but almost every TIW-made product includes results of R&D activities.


Innovation company TIW invests all the potential of its team and partners into its products in order to reach the synergy of results.

Social Function

Truly believing in absolute result of each innovative project of the company, TIW actively implements and publicly discloses possibilities of solving various social tasks by means of existing products.