New Year journey through the time

One accident entailed another. Casually spoken word gave rise to the idea - the idea could change the world "- John Burke said that as if it was about the history of TIW, which I want to share on the eve of New Year holidays. 8 years ago, in 2008, I celebrated my 30th birthday in an unusual way. Namely - on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the company of students of the "International Institute of Management." No, we did not enjoy the magnificent views of the Alps and the Rhone but went to DuPont Geneva Innovation Center as part of its internship of SE MBA program in Switzerland. 150-year history of the development of the world's largest chemical company includes the invention of plenty of unique material - neoprene, nylon, Teflon, Freon. The secret of their success has remained unchanged since 1872: "For two centuries, we have created large and small miracles. And now, as we move forward, we will strive together to unite our collective scientific knowledge and experience for the development, creation and implementation of plenty of other miracles." The amazing story of the development of this company, which began with the invention of Scotch tape, still inspires me and proves that technology starts with an idea, and they really improve the world. It took me five years to cut off the excess and start to engage in innovation. Over the past 4 years we managed to build a team, to overcome a lot of obstacles, to prepare for the start of global projects and set the trend in several areas of the world. Particularly interesting is the fact that the understanding and support of this activity were found in Switzerland, the best, but at the same time a very conservative country in the field of technology. Of course, this is not a random choice, but the result of a long standing work. And on the eve of 2017 TIW team has shared the experience and drive to the other students and graduates on the pre-New Year reunion of the "International Institute of Management MIM-Kyiv" I am glad that our projects have found positive feedback and interest, and lots of people have learned about new possibilities of technology as well as the fact that no matter what, in Ukraine it is also possible to create global projects that can be recognized in Switzerland or any other country in the world. New Year – the time of the beginning of new stages of development. And with our experience, we hope to inspire all our friends on the big and small accomplishments in New Year of 2017!




One of the most important area of TIW’s work is R&D (Research & Development). TIW has plans of reinvestment of bulk of its profit in R&D. this may not always be obvious but almost every TIW-made product includes results of R&D activities.


Innovation company TIW invests all the potential of its team and partners into its products in order to reach the synergy of results.

Social Function

Truly believing in absolute result of each innovative project of the company, TIW actively implements and publicly discloses possibilities of solving various social tasks by means of existing products.