One of the most important area of TIW’s work is R&D (Research & Development). TIW has plans of reinvestment of bulk of its profit in R&D. this may not always be obvious but almost every TIW-made product includes results of R&D activities. These are search, detailed handling and elaboration of the principle solution that the company relies on when creating each of its innovative solutions.



Innovation company TIW invests all the potential of its team and partners into its products in order to reach the synergy of results.

That’s exactly why TIW systematically considers opportunities of strategic partnership, both in co-investing in existing startups, and joint development of promising startups.

The company is always open to the constructive dialog with entities having positive potential for solving relevant tasks the humanity faces.

Social Function

Truly believing in absolute result of each innovative project of the company, TIW actively implements and publicly discloses possibilities of solving various social tasks by means of existing products.

For instance, TIW is developing a separate policy of accessible promotion of its products in countries with limited resources and possibilities.

The company also supports institutions in need of a range of TIW’s innovative ideas by discovering their demands and launching promising and progressive models of interaction with users in its product.

We choose the socially conscious business and we are sure that our world improvement technologies will make the world better and up-to-date technologies available to everyone!