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Technology Improves the World is an innovative company that develops products in the fields of communications, gaming, health and personal safety. Find below our best projects – definitely you will like them!

United Help - an emergency rescue service for a new generation.

This is a warning button for any person who works all the time and everywhere. This technology allows people to be rescued all around the world (via a growing service coverage area), to render help with roaming coordinates, to make a call from inside a building - and it’s completely automated. This joins many clients to many professional security guards and medical services all around the world. No dispatchers, no calls or cancelled requests under duress - 


United Help introduces a new world standard in the area of security and rescue.

S-Clinicus - Smart Clinicus opens a new era in medicine.




From the personal computer to automated personal diagnostics.


The question of medical diagnostics availability is relevant for billions of people in the world. The ability to receive a diagnosis on time and also to cross reference a person’s-doctor’s diagnosis substantially improves access to medicine and health. And for medical centers and professional doctors, this is a new generation of medical equipment that will be many times cheaper than existing medical equipment.


Accessible medical equipment of a new generation plus automated diagnosis - this is the goal of the project. S-Clinicus - This is a “Second Council” for professional doctors and for every person at home.


S-Clinicus – Health in every home!

Droid Translator - Speak your language with the world!


DROTR - The first video call service in the world with automatic translation in real time in 44 languages and translation of messages into 104 languages.


The project slogan which fully reflects the idea behind it - “Speak to the world in its own language!.”


DROTR is the product of a new generation where people can find each other according to interests and freely communicate without language barriers.

Funny Finch is the world’s first voice operated game.


Funny Finch is the world’s first voice operated game. From now you can settle a pet in your phone and talk with him, and he will understand. He is trained, friendly and smart – why not invite him to your device right now?



One of the most important area of TIW’s work is R&D (Research & Development). TIW has plans of reinvestment of bulk of its profit in R&D. this may not always be obvious but almost every TIW-made product includes results of R&D activities.


Innovation company TIW invests all the potential of its team and partners into its products in order to reach the synergy of results.

Social Function

Truly believing in absolute result of each innovative project of the company, TIW actively implements and publicly discloses possibilities of solving various social tasks by means of existing products.